Succeed In Your Next Video Interview With 5 Easy Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown imposed by the government have made many organisations completely dependent on video or virtual interviews. If you are one of the candidates looking for your dream job during the global pandemic, make sure you are ready for the virtual interview with confidence. If you think that you can’t highlight or project your personality or capability through the screen, this is the right time to get in touch with the best manpower consultancy in your city. They will help you create the right first impression on your employers.

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Few Tips To Stand Out From Other Candidates During Your Video Interview

  • Treat It Like A Normal Interview

One of the primary reasons why candidates fail to impress the interviewers during a virtual interview is because they become too tensed. The easiest way you can avoid this is by preparing for it like a normal interview. Not only should you know the best practices one should follow during an interview but also make sure to follow them during your video interview. Do some research on the company you are applying for and stay prepared to answer the common questions.

  • Choose A Suitable Setting

Instead of choosing a random place and time to start your virtual interview, create an appropriate setting in a private and quiet space. Close all the doors and windows to prevent any unnecessary distraction. The room should also have a good internet connection. If you have made some notes which will help you answer the questions during the interview, keep it nearby. There should be no visual distractions on the background like people, posters or pets. The objective is to prevent the interviewer from getting distracted.

  • Love The Technology

You will not feel comfortable during the interview unless you feel comfortable using the technology. Candidates tend to become nervous during an interview and the nervousness can increase if you are appearing for the virtual interview for the very first time. It is important for the candidate to know all the vital features of the application they are using if you don’t want to end up frustrating the interviewer. Take your time and familiarise yourself with the technology at least a day or two before the interview.

  • Choose A Good Angle

Even if the video interview platform you have chosen is supported by mobile devices, it is always advisable to use your laptop or desktop. The objective is to conduct the interview at a good angle. Not only will it free up both your hands but you can also expect a stronger internet connection. Just like you have to sit directly in front of the interviewer during an in-person interview, they might expect the same during a virtual interview. Check whether the camera is placed at the right angle.

  • Adjust The Lighting

It is not just about the angle at which you place the camera during a video interview but the lighting is also quite important. Adjust it so that you can project your best self before the camera. The best Manpower Consultancy in Bangalore will always advise its candidates to conduct the interview in natural light. If you feel that the light coming through the windows is not bright enough, use artificial lights available in the room. The best place to position the light is at the side of your face or in front of you.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and succeeding in your next video interview will become easier.