Registration Policy for Candidates

Our Policy Regarding Payment of Registration Fee for Candidates

“As you know we are a leading Placement House reputed for giving individual attention to each candidate approaching us for placement. Our clients also appreciate our professionalism.

We started our Business Operations in the Year 2009 and served a few Thousands Clients and Closed Many Profiles /Positions. All these years we resisted charging any Fee from our Candidates. However, in the changed style of functioning, increasing our operation cost considerably, we are now forced to charge a Registration Fee of a Minimum Amount to Understand and Evaluate Properly the Actual Professional Interest of the Candidate for the specific Job Profile / Assignment Offered by Our Esteemed Client.

This Registration valid for 6 Months from the Date of Payment ,  from applicants. This is to ensure we can maintain our level of professionalism, which will benefit you only. 

Please note, as per our usual practice, no other charges for placement shall be imposed.

On receipt of our Invoice mailed to you please transfer your Fee only to the Account specified. Don’t pay till you receive our Invoice. Don’t Pay Cash or Transfer to any other Account. Payment once Received will be Acknowledged through a Receipt mailed to you.Please also be informed that this Payment of Registration Fee is Non-Refundable and under No Circumstances, the Fee once Paid , shall be Refunded. 

Our reputation in the Industry ensures high quantum of Placements and we assure you the same efforts. However please do not consider Payment of Registration Fee as a Guarantee to placement, as it will also depend on Final Shortlisting by our Client(s) , your interaction with the Interviewers and many other Factors /Issues  directly or indirectly not under  our Control..