B3- Brain Behind Brands, Recruitment & Placement Consultancy, Adds More Customers, Increases Business Growth

We have started our Journey in 2009 with an Objective to establish B3-BRAIN BEHIND BRAND as an Executive Search Agency / Placement Consultant in National as well as International Market. We have experienced several Ups & Downs in the Industry and the effects of those on our Business. We had a clear Understanding & Logical Conviction that this Business is destined to Grow as the Market Demands the same.

With an aim to be different in the Placement and Recruitment Consulting business, we started out by minutely understanding the needs of the customers, patiently hearing their problems and started giving them value added solutions.

We noticed that the Recruitment Business is having a vast Opportunity and also many Gary areas to handle. The End to End Recruitment Solution demands many attributes— Analytical Skill, Communication Ability, Scientific Frame of Mind, Use of Appropriate Technology & Software & Most Importantly— Innovative Mind with Passion for Recruitment Solutions. We, therefore tried and continuously trying to create & sustain an environment internally & externally that ensure the practice & delivery of those Values, always.

As days passed, our clients and references increased and we started giving our Recruitment and Placement Consultancy services to Established as well as Evolving Brands. By March 2017, we are now regularly providing Executive Search & Placement Consultancy Services to more than 500 Clients in India, Oman, UAE, other Middle East countries, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Turkmenistan etc.

The Journey of B3-BRAIN BEHIND BRAND is of a continuous Growth through Learning. Each Client wants Recruitment Solution within the Stipulated Time Frame within Most Rational Budget. Therefore, the Challenge of Client Satisfaction & Retaining are not only enormous but also New in most of the times. Earning Revenue through this ever challenging Business Environment asks for Dedication, Honesty, Patience, Scientific Approach & Communication of high order.

We call it an Innovative Adventure. We are in Love with this Adventure, to Grow & Learn.