Know The Impact Of The Coronavirus Pandemic On Recruitment

The Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. With the total number of positive cases in India gradually rising, the Government has declared that the country will be under complete lockdown until the issue is under control. The Centre has asked states to ensure unhindered movement of essential goods and services. Such being the situation, it’s time people start maintaining social distancing by staying at home. Even recruiting companies are trying their level best to prevent the infection from spreading any further proscar .

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Unique Facts About Recruiting Agency For Companies In India

According to a survey conducted a few years back, a recruiting agency for companies in India has become a blessing for companies of every size. An experienced recruiter is the best professional a company can approach to take care of their staffing needs. They have adequate and updated knowledge about the employment market. Even if a candidate is passive or selective, they leave no stone unturned in ensuring to select the best for your company. If you are also planning to take the aid of a recruitment agency in India, there are a few unique facts about them you should know.

Recruiting agency for companies in India

Few Facts About Recruiting Agency For Companies In India

    • They Have More Industry Information Than You Think

Every company willing to gain valuable knowledge about the experienced and potential candidates within a specific industry can get it through the right recruitment agency. A majority of them specialises in various areas of recruitment and is the best source of information about the employment industry. If you want to stay assured that the one you are approaching is reliable, just know the average number of placements they work with every month.

    • They Help Candidates Sharpen Their Interview Skills

The responsibility of a recruitment agency does not end with shortlisting the best candidates according to the vacant positions in your organisation; they even help the candidates improve their interview skills. You don’t have to waste your time interviewing a candidate who isn’t prepared yet. Some of them even organise mock interviews so that candidates can appear for the interviews with more confidence.

    • You Can Rely On Them To Hire The Best Talent

Once you approach a recruiting agency for companies in India you will notice that the focus of these agencies is always on finding the most skilled candidates for your organisation. They are the best option if you don’t want to waste your time doing the initial screening, conducting early interviews and going through numerous CVs.

    • Recruiters Pay Equal Attention To Companies And Candidates

If you think that recruitment is a candidate-driven market, it’s high time you debunk the myth. There has been a recent increase in the number of recruiting agencies for companies which indicates that both companies and candidates can make equal use of the services offered by these agencies. Not only is there a shortage of skilled professionals but also fewer job opportunities. 

    • They Consider Numerous Factors

The recruitment process is tougher than you think as you have to consider numerous factors for effective recruitment solutions. Few of which are social recruiting, employee branding, transparency, employee engagement and number of millennials in the workforce. The talent acquisition process will be successful if all these factors are considered. They craft effective hiring strategies for both candidates and companies. According to a survey conducted a few years back, millennials are expected to take over 75% of the workforce within the next 10 years.

    • They Know How To Retain Employees

Retaining employees is an organisation is one of the most challenging tasks for every recruiting agency for companies in India. Since millennials prefer job-hopping during the initial days of their career, employee retention is becoming a common issue nowadays. Recruitment agencies are looking for innovative ways to keep employees (especially millennials) happy at their job. They know the needs of these tech-savvy young professionals and customise their services accordingly.

    • They Ensure Transparency In The Recruitment Process

Experienced recruitment agencies try to maintain the reputation earned by them over the years by ensuring transparency in the recruitment process. The jobs posted by them have complete work details so that candidates know what type of work they can expect after they join an organisation. This prevents business owners from spending more on new recruitment hires. Even candidates can’t complain that the actual work they are made to do is different from the work description provided in the job posting.

    • They Are Technically Advanced

Since mobile recruiting has become an integral part of the recruitment process nowadays, recruiters are also becoming technically advanced. They know the various ways social media channels and mobile technology can impact the effectiveness and success of job recruitment. They try to source the finest talents from a pool of candidates by making proper use of social media marketing.

    • They Shoulder The Responsibility Of Employee Branding

Every recruitment agency for companies know the importance of employee branding and engagement. They know the various ways a company can invest in their brand reputation. Since job seekers can choose from numerous organisations when applying for a job, few things they consider are current employee feedback, reviews and other social cues before choosing a company. Experienced recruiters know candidates are in control and craft their strategies accordingly.

These being said, it’s time you start looking for a reliable recruitment agency for companies in India and get the best job seekers.

How to choose the best Recruitment agency in Ahmedabad

Recruiting agencies assist job seekers as well as companies in finding the best jobs or candidates. They act as a bridge that links the best candidates to the perfect post or vice versa. Some companies also outsource their entire recruitment operations to these agencies that, in turn, provide the service for a fee. There is some outstanding Recruitment agency in Ahmedabad who offers the best service at budgeted pricing.

best Recruitment agency in Ahmedabad

It becomes challenging for companies to zero in on the best candidates for a job in the competitive market. So, small to medium size companies turn to hire agencies to get the best talents on board.

You need to find the agency that works with your best interests in mind, but how do you find the right one? In this article, you will find out some ways to select the perfect agency for your business.

Checkout their Reputations

Recruitment agencies are mushrooming at an unprecedented rate, and everyone is offering 100% satisfaction of services. It is advisable to find out the reputation of these agencies before jumping to conclusions following sleek marketing strategies. A reputed agency will have an impressive list of clients who have turned to them repeatedly for availing of their services. So, doing a bit of research won’t hurt your prospects and save you pain in the long run.

Locate Your Objectives

It is essential to find out the objective of your recruitment before you decide to hire a firm to do your job. Once you choose on your goal you can sort out the agencies according to your preferences. For example, if you are looking to hire technicians for industry, go for recruitment firms who deal in those fields.

Try to specific about your needs and don’t beat around the bush. In this way, you won’t solve your objectives, and the agencies will stash their bills on you. So, it is better to set your goals outright and hunt down agencies that can fill in those positions.

Hiring Techniques

You need to decide on the hiring techniques before making any decisions. Many agencies do background checks of the candidates before boarding them in the job. So, you need to decide how well the recruitment agency will perform according to your needs. If you feel these plans aren’t working for you, it’s better to look out for someone else.

So, it’s better to ask the agencies about their hiring techniques before you even decide to work with them. This will save you time and lesser problems during the latter stages of the recruitment process.

Verify the Candidate Details Regularly

 You should regularly fact-find about the candidates being called to the interview process. A reputed agency will take into account your specific requirements, but you won’t be getting excellent service from an untested agency. So for making successful placements, you need to verify the details of the candidates being called for an interview to ensure a smooth flow of operations.

The best recruitment agency in Ahmedabad will make sure that you get the right candidates for your job. You will have complete peace of mind knowing that your recruitment process is in safe hands.

Artificial Intelligence – A Blessing For Recruiting Agencies

If you think that artificial intelligence is all about robots running around and taking care of your odd jobs, it’s high time you debunk the myth. According to a survey conducted recently, artificial intelligence has nowadays become a recruiting trend globally. For someone not aware of the term, artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to have intelligence like a human being and is specially programmed to learn various tasks using data.

artificial intelligence in recruitment picture


AI has changed the way how candidates are being hired. They play a very vital role in our society and their importance is expected to enhance even further within the next few years. Numerous recruiting agencies have started using it to change the way how recruitment is being handled. Its impact on the recruitment process has made the task of HR consultants easier. As better data is available, they can perform the tasks better. Search more at

Make The Task Less Tiring

Everyone in the recruitment industry will agree with the fact that recruiting employees is not as easy as it looks. Recruiters have to deal with hundreds of applications and resumes on a daily basis. AI can automate the administrative tasks on behalf of the hiring teams and also generate insights. They can even read the resumes and pick the most qualified candidates among so many. This help HR consultants save both time and money. The chatbot is a specially designed computer program which can respond to all the queries of the candidates.

Top 10 Benefits Of Using Artificial Intelligence During Recruitment

  • Save time
  • Choose the best candidates
  • Stay away from human bias
  • Save money
  • Source the right candidates
  • Screen candidates
  • Nurture candidates
  • Engage candidates
  • Schedule candidates
  • Interview candidates

AI And Recruiters

The primary benefit of using Artificial Intelligence for recruitment is that they won’t be replacing the recruiters or HR consultants anytime soon. There are a few people in the recruitment industry who think that AI is so intelligent and advanced than humans will start losing their jobs. This is nothing more than a myth which people need to debunk. Though AI can automate the recruitment tasks, the importance of experienced and renowned recruitment agencies can never be ignored. The primary task of AI is to ease the recruitment process so that HR consultants can focus on the larger and complex issues. They can help an organisation move forward by crafting effective recruitment strategies and building candidate relationships. Even the interview process requires some emotional and personal engagement with the candidates. This can be done only by an HR and not AI.

5 Vital Tasks Undertaken By HR Consultants

  • Establish relationships with candidates
  • Assess the potential of candidates beyond their credentials
  • Gauge the interpersonal skills of candidates
  • Determine whether a candidate can fit in the work culture
  • Convince potential candidates to attend interviews

Though AI has become a blessing for the recruitment industry, the importance of experienced and trained recruiters or HR consultants can never be ignored.

Outsource Your HR Tasks and Help Your Clients Achieve Success

One of the main reasons why companies should focus on their HR department is because it helps their clients achieve success easily and early. It is one of the departments which look after the vital aspect of brand positioning. If you want to position your organisation as a leader but your HR department is not strong enough, just outsource your HR tasks.

Not every business owner is aware of the fact that promoting their company the right way to potential investors, prospects, clients and the general public is an integral part of their strategy. The first thing they need to do is talk with the HR executive and ask them what steps they are undertaking to promote their company to potential clients. With the advancement in technology, it has become mandatory for them to use the latest tools.

Outsource Your HR Tasks and Help Your Clients Achieve Success

What Is Customer-Focused Process?

Though companies are keener to implement new strategies, they struggle to line up their funds and assets in a new direction. This is primarily because they fail to execute the strategies in the right way. This is precisely where hiring HR consultants can be a wise decision. They are the right professionals who can recalibrate your company strategically. They know how an organisation can deliver value to its stakeholders and customers. The primary processes should be executed in such a way so that they can create products and services in a unique way before delivering those to their customers.

How to Adjust the Processes?

A resource can generate the greatest value if they are used for processes which are visible to customers. Business owners should first assess the largest areas of their enterprise before budgeting their resources if they want to generate the highest return. If the HR department in your company is not strong enough, take the aid of HR outsourcing consulting services. They will assess the approach minutely and adjust the process if they feel that the preferences of your customers have changed, competitors have crafted a better process or your customers are being ignored.

Involve Your Clients in Your Strategies

A good business strategy is the one which starts with your clients – both present and future. You need to understand that they are fickle and can change their mind if they come across something better. You can expand your market share if customer-focused processes are adjusted to the customer. Listen to your customer’s needs, analyse what you heard and tune your products and services in such a way so that they can suit the changing needs of your customers. This is how outsourcing your HR tasks and following a customer-focused process can help your clients achieve success.