Time Frame of Delivery

Being able to meet delivery of appropriate CV’s of interested candidates adhering to a strict timeline is an integral part of a seasoned recruitment consulting agency but sometimes the client exerts too much pressure on the agency for the delivery of suitable CV’s with in a very short time frame which actually does not sound practical in most of the cases as there are lot of background activities involved prior to the shortlisting of a CV.

In the point of view of the client, his/her immediate need is to fill up the vacancy since, the longer the position goes unfilled, the more, productivity of his/her organization will be disrupted

But the background works which finally leads to the shortlisting of a CV consists of understanding the client’s requirements in detail, researching the suitable candidate data from data banks, business social networks, references & connections.

During the search process the recruitment consultant has to scan lot of information such as the location, industry, function, level, recent experience, education, job changes, spelling errors, poor format, errors in grammar in the CV’s and also have to look out for CV’s which are too long, verbose and rambling for proper filtering. Also social and web search of a candidates profile is a must

Armed with the information the placement consultant’s next job is to approach the potential candidates and gauge their interest level on the role and organization. He should clearly inform the candidate about the job profile and make every proposition interesting to the candidate without any pinch of salt. These interactions are done through mail communications as well as through phone calls

He or she has to speak to them and try to understand, analyse & decide upon their knowledge, actual experience related to the job profile. Also gauging the motivation level, smartness and communication ability of the candidate is a prerequisite for the consultant.

All these activities cannot be done in a hurry and all the steps have to be properly completed before handing over the CV to the client else there are chances that the client might find a wrong candidate sitting in front of him for an interview and that can be quite a taxing experience when the recruitment process involves interaction with large number of candidates.

So how to solve the issues when the speed of delivery is the main criteria. The answer lies in harnessing the power of software. There are software tools from vendors such as Bullhorn and according to their research, 57% of candidates who are successfully placed are submitted by recruiters within the first 24 hours of receiving a job order. Effective recruiting technology can be a key to help recruitment agencies respond to clients and candidates before their competitors.

So it is imperative that in today’s age of super fast recruiting, a recruiter has to accomplish his task with the right mix of technology, talent, agility, analytical ability and investigative skills so as to place more candidates for better business growth.

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