Charging from Candidates

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In our business interactions with our Prospective Clients, we often get queries from them that why we don’t charge some small fee from the Candidates when many people will be willing to Pay. They are of the opinion that many Placement Consultants generally follow this practice and in their view it is a good way to Recruit Candidates. Many a times the logic given by them is since they are providing the job opportunity they are not going to Pay for the service and people willing to grab the opportunity should pay.

While we do not want to comment regarding the information that whether other Placement Agencies Charge Candidates or Not, we can explain the reasons on our behalf for not charging the candidates & how it is beneficial to the Client.

A) Under no circumstances, the recruitment agency should charge from the Candidates. Law forbids Placement Consultants / Executive Searching Agencies from charging job-seekers to secure them employment as this can lead to willful malpractice by Unethical Placement Consultants to lure Job-Seekers & Exploit the situation for their Monetary Benefits.

B) If any placement consultants levy Charges from Candidates, the Agency will only recommend those candidates who are ready to Pay & not the best possible interested Candidates

C) The job of a Placement Consultant is to source, screen & recommend best possible interested Candidates against a specific Mandate to the Client. This is not possible, if the consultant itself charges Fee from the Candidates.

D) If we assume that some / many Placement Agencies are Charging from the Employment Seekers , we can definitely say that these unethical Recruitment Agencies generally try to cash in on the fear factor of a candidate and in today’s tough marketplace, a Fresher or a Job-seeker in a dire need of a Job to earn His /Her Livelihood ,are the most likely to fall in their trap

We sometimes find in Media / Market that the unscrupulous Recruitment Agencies try to rip off 1 to 2 months of Salary or ask for Deposit from Candidates to work on their CV’s & try to find appropriate Opportunities for them. It can therefore be said that ,these Agencies try to allure Candidates whose salaries are at a lower range and whose skills are not much in demand

Hence from the point of an employer it will be always be prudent decision if he engages with reputed Recruitment Consultants who do not get biased just on Paid search results on Online Recruitment Portals or get attracted to the revenue angle of Charging Money from Candidates.

When the Recruitment Agency is unbiased & practice ethical business practices , more are the chances that the Employer will find True Talent to manage his / her Business and this will bring rewards in the form of more business to the Recruitment Agency / Placement Consultant.

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