How Do Top Placement Consultants Operate For FMCG Companies?

Placement Consultants for Corporate Companies

To avoid ruthless sacking of employees, every company should hire only the right candidates and also as many wanted for the sound functionality of the company. To be able to meet clients’ deadlines a company needs skilful talents and not just anybody with suitable qualification. The candidates should not just be talented, but they should be able to adapt easily with the working environment of the company as well as get accustomed to the work culture of the company. That is probably why most companies today are relying upon top placement consultants in India to arrange interviews and select the right candidates.

Why do FMCG companies hire third-party consultants?

FMCG is one of the most popular industries in the country and every year a large number of candidates are hired. It has been noted that to hire such a huge number of candidates every year most of the companies will have to spend a hefty amount of money in in-house recruitment teams. Moreover, the team will be perpetually involved in hiring candidates. And, still there will be a chance of choosing the wrong candidates if the in-house employees are not skilful enough to choose the right candidates. Owing to all these reasons most of the FMCG companies are opting for the services of third party consultancies to hire suitable candidates.

How do FMCG consultancies hire?

FMCG job consultancies have a set of steps that they follow to be able to get to the right candidates and hire them in suitable positions across industry. Given below are some ideas on it:

  • First, they make a work plan which involves searching for the right candidates and inviting them for interviews.
  • In the earlier days the FMCG job consultants used to advertise for the job vacancies on traditional media like newspaper. But now they advertise on the Internet because most of the candidates search the internet to get information on job vacancies.
  • It is also the role of the consultants to negotiate for the salary packages and other benefits for the candidates.
  • The consultants will screen the candidates before sending them to the companies so that the companies get the right candidates in the most suitable positions.

If you are hiring an agency for candidate selections, it is important to check that it is impartial and performs its duties in the best possible manner. It is also important that you get a deeper understanding of how these companies operate before outsourcing to any particular consultancy.

How A Leading Placement Agency In Kolkata Helps Job Hunters And Employers?

Placement Consultants for Corporate Companies

Nowadays, it has become the latest trend amid both Kolkata businesses and job seekers hire the services of the most trusted and affordable placement agencies for their needs. The main intention of businesses hiring the services of these agencies is to minimize the costs associated with the job advertisements, allotting a special staff to scrutinize the job applicants, time of spending on conducting interviews, etc. On the part of the job hunters, the main idea of hiring the placement services of these agencies is to minimize the waiting time for the interview as well as to get the job in a reputed and reliable firm.

A topmost placement agency is Kolkata offers professional and dedicated HR services of the highest quality. The services of these agencies will be designed to help both employers in finding their right candidate for their organization and job hunters in getting the right job for their qualification.

To select the right candidate, these appointment agencies will choose the highest skilled candidates through conducting screening tests as well as other job-associated tests for offering the best candidates to the employers. For job seekers, they will choose the most reputed and reliable businesses to offer them the bright and lucrative job prospects that will best fit their educational qualifications.

Any experienced and highly regarded employment agency in Kolkata will guide job candidates in making their resume look more professional. They will also offer useful tips on doing their job interview in a successful way. Moreover, these agencies also offer professional consultancy services to both businesses and job hunters alike.

First, the appointment agency in Kolkata will take the suggestions of the reporting manager from all businesses from the job candidate, carry out the reference check, and will present the report to the employer as soon as the selection procedure is completed.

Another notable service offered by an employment agency is the salary negotiations. This will allow the job candidates to demand their expected salary for the applied job opening. When comes to employers, they can know the expected salary of the candidates and they can choose one that best fits their economic situations. On the part of the placement agencies, they will try to resolve the salary problem that arises between the candidates and the employers in an amicable way. This means that they will negotiate the salary in a professional and unbiased way that will benefit both the job seeker and the employer.

Any reputable placement agency in Kolkata will carry out a scrupulous follow up until the time the job candidate joins the organization.

Effective Ways To Identify A Deceiving Job Placement Agency

HR Consultants in Kolkata

Most job seekers, as well as employers, avoid hiring the placement services of recruitment agencies. This is for the reason that they might have come across a horrible experience, meaning the agencies might not have delivered them the results they need. In this deceptive world, people experience the only deception in every field, rather than honesty, so the recruitment field is no poles apart. Here are the effective ways for you to identify bad recruitment agencies that usually offer deceptive HR services.

Verify whether the services of a recruitment agency involve hidden costs

Observing the service quote of a placement agency thoroughly will allow you to identify the hidden charges involved in their services. If you are unable to find, ask the agency what are all the costs involved in their services.

Check out whether the consultants of the agency are knowledgeable

Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, hiring the services of an experienced and reliable recruitment agency with highly skilled consultants will make your job hunting or employee hunting process simple and fruitful.

Verify the honesty of the placement agency

While some placement agencies work with 100% sincerity, most of them will work only for money. Identify these deceptive agencies by requesting them to provide you with references and their contact details.  This will allow you to verify the honesty of their services by contacting their previous customers.

Check out the status of the references provided by the agency

This means that the list of references offered by the agency may include its new customers, as well. Contacting their new clients will not serve your purpose, as they might not have had much experience with the agency. Select references that are dealing with the agency for a minimum period of five years. Contacting them will allow you to know the attitude of the recruitment agency.

Avoid choosing recruitment agencies, which are overconfident

A reliable and reputable placement agency will inform its customers about the possible outcomes of its services. This means that they will not offer a job seeker a fake promise of getting a CTC that is beyond the qualification or experience of the candidate. Similarly, the agency will not assure employers about choosing a candidate who is not having the required qualification and experience.

Avoid accepting job offers or candidates irrelevant to your qualification or your job position

Most deceptive placement agencies will pressurize their clients, whether they are a job seeker or an employer, to hire their services with the intention of minting money from their clients. If such things happen, look for other reliable placement agency.

Do not choose recruitment agencies asking you many irrelevant questions

Any fake recruitment agency will ask you several immaterial questions to substantiate that it is knowledgeable and reliable.  Therefore, avoid hiring the services of such agencies.

Always think about the best

You should always bear in mind that you will definitely find a reliable and reputable recruitment agency whether you are a job hunter or an employer. However, the key is finding the best agency that fits your job seeking or employment needs.

Recruitment- A Deserving Career for Brilliant Professionals

Recruitment- A Deserving Career for Brilliant Professionals

People often want to know what the most exciting and impactful job in the corporate world is.   According to many experts, the most exciting and impactful job is recruiting.

It is full of excitement because every day a recruiter is in a head-to-head competition to attract top talents, and he/ she knows definitively within 90 days whether he or she has beaten the competition. The impact of a recruiter is twofold: first, a recruiter can literally change the life of an individual by placing them in their dream job, and second, a recruiter can effectively change the direction and the success of a corporation or a consultancy company with a single great hire in a key job.

Here is a list of the many reasons why one should consider becoming a corporate recruiter. This list might give some insight into why the recruiters are so passionate about what they do.

  1. A recruiter literally changes people’s lives —very few things in life have a bigger impact on an individual than landing or missing out on a great job. Because of that tremendous impact, most recruiters find it easy to maintain a high level of excitement and commitment to excellence. Incidentally, even though a recruiter cannot hire everyone, recruiters can certainly help improve the chances and the experience of every applicant by finding their hidden skills, by answering their questions, and by calming them down through educating them so that they feel comfortable and prepared for the rest of the recruiting process. Recruiters can even impact those who do not land a job this time by informally coaching them and helping them understand how they can better develop themselves, so that they will have a better chance of landing a job next time.
  2. Recruiting is No. 1 in business impact — research has shown that recruiting ranks No. 1, with the greatest bottom-line business impact on revenue and profit of any talent management function. Just like in sports, it is obvious to almost everyone that recruiters are making a difference when they successfully recruit top talent into the organization. In some cases, a single new hire who the recruiter brings in could create a major innovation or a new product worth millions. If a recruiter has the right skill set, he/ she can tweak his/her own recruiting process so that it also successfully presents and hires high-value diverse candidates and innovators.
  3. A recruiter will be the face of the company —the first and in some cases the only contact that applicants have with the organization. As a result, the recruiter will have the unique opportunity to represent the company and reinforce its image by treating them as they were a customer. As a “brand ambassador,” a recruiter also has the responsibility for spreading the word in person and on social media and the Internet about the factors that make the firm a great place to work.
  4. Employees and managers will be grateful — as a recruiter fills more jobs, the number of employees who will be grateful to him or her for helping them land their current job will continue to increase. Hiring managers will also be thankful that the recruiter helped to improve their team’s performance by finding and landing top candidates. As a result, most recruiters will have a large number of thankful employees and managers who are willing to do them a favor in return.
  5. If one has initiative, he can create new recruiting programs — in some organizations, heavy loads and a tactical focus by most recruiters means that most simply don’t take the time out to create new recruiting initiatives. As a result, if the recruiter, as an individual finds the time to discover or design new recruiting, technology, or metric approaches, he may be given the opportunity to develop and implement them, even though he is not yet a senior person. 
  6. The competition is exciting —Fiilling each job is a head-to-head competition that can be energizing. Every day recruiters are competing against recruiters who represent powerhouse firms like Google, Apple, and IBM. Most recruiters also find that discovering hidden talent is also exhilarating, as is successfully convincing top prospects having multiple choices.
  7. There is a clear winner — unlike in many fields, recruiting for a particular job has a clear beginning and ending point. As a result, after a top candidate makes their job choice, there is little ambiguity about the winner. In most cases, the result will be visible within 90 days. And even losing an individual talent competition, does not require a recruiter to wait long to get back into the game because another competitive recruiting opportunity will open up almost immediately.
  8. An opportunity to meet the best — if one likes to meet and interact with exciting people, recruiting allows him/her to meet and get to know hundreds of outstanding people and some innovators each month. In many cases, recruiters get to know these individuals in some depth because that is necessary if they are to fully understand their needs and to be able to successfully present them to hiring managers.
  9. An opportunity to interact with management — recruiters have the frequent opportunity to interact with hiring managers and executives in all levels of the organization. As a result, not only recruiters get to know them personally, they also see the quality of the recruiter’s work directly.
  10. Everyone will want to be your friend — because most people look for new jobs several times during their lives, almost everyone understands the value of knowing recruiters. As a result, many of the people who recruiters meet both in their businesses and private lives will want to maintain a relationship with them on the hope that they may someday help them find a job. They will also want a relationship in the hope that the recruiter will provide them with periodic help in improving their resume and their job search skills..
  11. Continually changing assignments — because most corporate recruiters handle a variety of different job openings, recruitersface a variety of assignments and challenges as different jobs open up. This variety can be challenging but it also keeps the job interesting and continually changing.
  12. Freedom and control — because filling each req has its own unique challenges, most corporate recruiters have a great deal of control over their work. That complexity generally means that the recruiting manager may provide the recruiter with recommended approaches but they seldom require that a fixed regiment is followed. This means that most recruiters have a great deal of freedom over their daily work, as long as they produce results. In many cases, remote work and contract work options are also available. For the best recruiter, the independence level is even more.
  13. Recruiting tools are continually evolving —Recruiting is exciting because it is probably the fastest changing field in talent management. Because of this rapid rate of change, recruiters constantly learn how to use new technologies and new communications approaches. This is in part because a recruiter simply cannot successfully recruit top talent without using the same advanced communications approaches that the top candidates have already embraced. Fortunately the recruiter does not need to return to school in order to update recruiting knowledge, because the best recruiters learn continually but informally on social media and the Internet. 
  14. No heavy entrance requirement — recruiting is an easy profession to join because there are no strict degree or certification requirements in order to become a recruiter. Many in recruiting come from a variety of backgrounds because the focus when selecting a recruiter is on their skills. And if one has those skills, he or she will find it relatively easy to sell him/her in the resume and during their own interviews with the recruiting manager. Entering into the subfield of college recruiting is even easier for recent grads because they are already likely to know the college job search process and in addition, they likely have empathy and understanding for what top college prospects expect.
  15. Good pay and job opportunities — as in any profession, the pay varies by company and region. However, technical recruiters can earn well. Contact recruiters are often paid well and external executive search professionals can earn hundreds of thousands per year.  In addition, recruiter positions are needed in all industries, so there are more opportunities available when job searching.
  16. You will have the best tools — if you work for a successful recruiting function, you will invariably have the latest equipment (i.e. smart phone, tablet, etc.) as well as an expense account for coffee and lunches with top prospects. If you are assigned to recruit at professional conferences or on college campuses, recruiting can also provide exciting travel opportunities.
  17. Becoming senior takes less time — even though recruiting is exciting, many in HR actually prefer the more predictable fields of training, development, and OD. As a result of this yearning, recruiting has a high “pass-through rate.” So if one sticks with recruiting as a profession it often takes much less time to reach senior or manager status then it would in other areas of HR.
  18. Being a recruiter means one will have excellent personal job search skills — a recruiter’s familiarity with the job search process almost assures that, should he/ she seek another recruiting job or a job outside of the field, he/ she will have a powerful resume, extensive contacts, and exceptional job search skills that should ensure success.
  19. At a top firm, recruiting is easier — for a recruiter working at a top employer-branded firm, the applicant flow will be so great that recruiting becomes more of a sorting problem. If the firm has a top-performing employee referral program, by finding and assessing top prospects, employees will do a lot of the recruiting work for the recruiter. Moreover, at top firms the recruiting processes are so well refined that they will guide even those with little experience to success.
  20. You’ll know right away if you are any good — unlike many fields, it does not take years of practice to become competent as a recruiter. In the same light, success being so obvious, a recruiter gets to know within months whether he or she has what it takes to become a good recruiter.

Even though this article focused on the many reasons why recruiting is such an exciting and impactful job, there are obviously also some drawbacks. The strongest drawback is that recruiting runs in spurts and there are some time periods where recruiting slacks off and a recruiter may find challenges in his or her own career growth. However, even during tough times, the very best recruiters still continue to grow, and especially those top recruiters who have a strong secondary skill like internal placement, outplacement, or technical recruiting.In some organizations, the loads can also be crushing during growth periods, but that is a factor that one should examine before accepting an assignment.

If after reading the above positive argument above (which is almost equally applicable for recruiters working with corporates as well as those with HR consultancies), one is still unsure about recruiting as a career path, he/ she can informally meet up with top recruiters at one of the famous recruiting conferences. It only takes meeting a handful of top recruiters over coffee to realize that they are among the friendliest, engaging, intelligent, and innovative corporate people one can ever meet. They almost universally love their job and the impact that they have.

7 Ideas For Recruiting Top Talent For Startups

Start-ups are the Life-Line of Indian economy. A thriving Startup ecosystem opens up job opportunities for millions, thereby continuously rejuvenating an economy. A Startup up also opens up non-conventional job opportunities in the market. For example, the advent of E-Commerce, economy opened up quite a large number of non-conventional job opportunities in the field of delivery, warehousing, operations which are filled by talented individuals.

The startups implement business ideas which are generally quite new in the market. Most of the times they have concepts which are fraught with risks, operations which are volatile, shortage of funding & lack of branding and reputation. All these factors make top talent hunting for a Startup a daunting task. A wrong choice can land you in a soup resulting in bad results for your company. Today we will discuss about the … top tips for on boarding the best talent to contribute in a Startup which can aid to a profitable balance sheet.

A) Explain your business vision in detail:

It is imperative that your vision is thoroughly shared with your candidates so that their vision is aligned with your business objectives and they understand your goals and objectives. Not only this is beneficial for all other team members but it can make you feel confident that someone who will be joining is perfectly aligned with your thought process and consequently he / she is visualizing a growth path for himself / herself as well as the Organisation.

B) Thorough testing of skills:

It does not matter what is written in the CV, how many degrees are mentioned or accomplishments highlighted. At the end of the day the recruit has to be productive for the organization and for this, skills, practical knowledge and positive mind-set of a candidate are the foremost criteria. The candidate has to be subjected to tests and for getting a sneak peak of his / her productive capacity.

A seasoned Placement Consultant can aid a Startup organization to draft relevant questions and add value in remote of face to face discussions that can test the technical and psychological competency of a prospective recruit.

C) Quick decision:

If you want to close a position then it’s advisable to do it quick, since lingering the matter might make it an unfruitful exercise, since you never know who is going to snatch your shortlisted talent

D) Give the candidate a sense of security:

If you want a select a candidate who you think can act as a catalyst in your business and chart its success than it is imperative that the guy experiences a sense of job security and understands that your firms growth path is not stagnant and rather the candidate feels that he / she is embarking on an exciting journey which will elevate his / her career.

If the guy is not feeling the vibes of job and growth security from your organization, chances are there, that he / she  is choosing your company only as a stop gap and will immediately jump ship as and when a perfect opportunity lands in front of him / her.

E) Employee benefits:

You are a Startup and have to succeed in your endeavour. You cannot do that alone. You need a talented and agile workforce. But the talent is always in short supply and your plans might get snapped due to shortage of key talent.

So to attract skilled manpower, you have to offer something that sounds great. Some of the benefits that the Startups can offer include

  • Health Insurance facilities
  • Stipends for upgrading skills
  • Food coupons
  • Incentives
  • Bonuses
  • Free Gifts
  • Memberships
  • Stock Options

Quite sadly, many a times just to save some bucks; Startups tend to skip some of these benefits that are vital in attractingthe right talent.

F) Presence in the cyberspace:

TheStartup need to be interactive in the internet with proper informative web portals highlighting their products & services. Modest presence in LinkedIn, Facebook, QA forums, blogs, review sites, Google local listings are a pre-requisite in attracting talent that works

G) Offer challenging assignments:

Smart employees want to delve deep in to challenging opportunities. The Startup hiring manager should give a brief idea to the candidate about the big, stimulating and ambitious goals associated with his organizations current assignments to bring excitement in the mind of the candidate. Once the talented candidate feels the bigger picture, it becomes easy for the Start-up to lure him / her to his organization.

The tips discussed above can definitely help an organization in attracting great talent with minimal risks and in small budget. These systems are not hard to implement and once these processes are in place, a Startup owner can always find talented candidates flocking to join his / her organization`

We will discuss more ways and means on how to on-board achievers & winners in in our upcoming editions. Till then Happy Recruiting.