Know The Impact Of The Coronavirus Pandemic On Recruitment

The Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. With the total number of positive cases in India gradually rising, the Government has declared that the country will be under complete lockdown until the issue is under control. The Centre has asked states to ensure unhindered movement of essential goods and services. Such being the situation, it’s time people start maintaining social distancing by staying at home. Even recruiting companies are trying their level best to prevent the infection from spreading any further proscar .

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Current Situation

Though the world is in a state of anger, shock and stress, the focus of every recruitment consultant companies is on ensuring that their clients are good and healthy and so are the candidates. The issue is under better control now but some cities have been declared as the centre of the outbreak. The cities are under complete lockdown and the government are taking strict measures and precautions. Though everything was in a big mess in the starting with everyone panicking about the lockdown, the situation is under control now.

Impact On Indian Economy And Recruitment

The impact of the Coronavirus lockdown on Indian economy and GDP has been quite massive. It is not just a social lockdown but rather an economic lockdown. Almost all Manufacturing Units, Construction Activities, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Academic Institutions etc are closed. Our economy got a big blow because of the supply-side constraint. People feel that it will at least take a few months, if not a Year for basic commercial activities to restore in India and a few years for our economy to become stable.

Numerous companies have stopped working entirely and industries are waiting to resume their production. Thousands of people are unemployed or not earning enough money to support their families. There are a few people who are working from home. They are trying their level best to stay positive and calm even during this hour of crisis. Online workgroups and video conferences have become quite common. Check

How Are Recruiters Working?

Almost all the recruiters in India are now living in a state of stress, anxiety and fear. They are quite confused about how the demand for depression and high unemployment will change their operations and daily functioning. Since people are now aware of the various benefits they can reap by working from home, they might start looking for similar job openings once the lockdown ends. Recruiters are organising webinars for brand promotion and attract more clients and candidates. Their focus is primarily on overcoming this challenge and come out even stronger.

3 Steps Recruitment Consultant Companies Are Taking In Their Daily Business

  • Recruiters and Placement /Executive Search Firms are trying to understand the Industry Verticals, which can Grow or At Least Stable during or after the Pandemic. They will Focus on Recruitments for those Verticals, on Priority.
  • Recruitment Firms are also Evaluating the Technology Platforms and Concepts that can become useful or relevant for this situation and maximum advantages can be salvaged out of those.
  • Using advanced technical tools and recruitment software to stay connected and combine functions like organising project discussions and video meetings.
  • Using the internet for regular weekly meetings and video meetings. You can expect progress if the pace of work remains the same for recruiters.
  • Taking all the necessary measures to prevent the infection from spreading any further. They are conducting virtual meetings to reduce personal contact with their Clients and Candidates.

This is an unprecedented situation and such a disaster has appeared after almost a Century. Entire World is engaged in a fight to get back to the Normalcy, at the earliest possible opportunity. Recruitment Industry is completely associated with the Human and Technological Interface. Therefore, it’s battle with the Coronavirus pandemic is significant as well as important.