How To Find a Top Job Consultancy

Now days we are witnessing the mushrooming of lot of Recruitment Agencies. There is a common perception that, as Recruitment is a booming Industry & doesn’t require much Capital Investment, therefore, entering the Recruitment Business is quite easy & Profitable. Staring a Job Consultancy is easy but the challenge is in sustaining the business in the long term and growing it brick by brick. There are lots of Firms /Organisations are operating in the market, but to spot the Best / Effective Job Consultancy is a challenge

The success of a Recruitment Agency depends largely on the quality of the Recruiters / Placement consultants in the Organisation, and obviously on the Key Person(s) who is envisaging the endeavors & managing the Agency.

The agency must have an attitude that reflects the desire to help their clients to get the best talented professional as per the requirements. Recruitment is a holistic approach.A successful recruiter in a reputed recruitment firm will possess some unique traits like Analytical Capabilities to Understand & Interpret the Mandate, Excellent Communication Skills, Networking Proficiency, Smart Work Mind-set with Appropriate Mental , Intellectual as well as Technical Aptitudes, Content Writing Skills and Knowledge of Different Verticals in which the Placement Agency is specialized / working upon.

The Recruiters / Consultants should also be a good listener and must have the proper understanding of the communication delivered by clients & job seekers so that a perfect match can be found out and right person is selected for the right job. A Recruiter / Job Consultant should also possess Sales & Business Acumen, so that they can understand a client’s business and the customers with whom the client is dealing. This understanding & conception will help the Recruiter / Consultant to Shortlist or Recommend the Appropriate & Interested Candidate(s) for a Specific Profile.

A Recruiter / Placement Consultant who takes great care in marketing, branding and promotion of the services he or she is offering through online and offline means can be a great asset for any prospective organization since if he/she is well versed in selling his company to potential clients, it is imperative that he/she will skilfully attract top talents in his client organization because of his/ her sales acumen

An important aspect of a Recruiter is the ability to manage time very effectively as he / she has to bring the right candidate on board in the time slot allotted by the client.

Recruiter should be Tech-savvy and must be able to use Social Media Tools such as LinkedIn, Periscope, Facebook, Twitter etc. very effectively. Apart from these, applicant Tracking Software, multiple Job Portals, Job Postings, Mass Mails and Premium databases are used by Recruiters in order to find the right candidate.

Problem solving skills must be there with a Recruiter as many tough situations will arise during a complex Recruitment assignment. Reliability in work builds trust factor and helps to face challenges in this field.And finally team handling skills is very crucial in the part of a Recruitment Consultant when multiple resources under his / her ambit are working on an assignment to fill different positions in a single / multiple organization and the job profiles have been successfully closed after meaningful negotiations

Consistency is also a characteristic of a Top Job Consultancy. It is essential for the Recruiter / Consultant to walk the talk on his/ her communications and commitment with the client and the prospective job seekers.

It goes without saying that to become one of the Best Job Consultancy, the Recruitment Firms have to strive towards making themselves credible, trusted, innovative and marketable to attract the attention of the clients seeking their services.