How to Attract Top Talent

For Small and Medium Enterprises, proper talented resources are crucial to run and sustain their business. They cannot go for costly advertisements like their larger counterparts in leading dailies or spend lot of money in branding in leading job portals.

So how do they find talent in a cost effective way? The obvious answer to their problems is that, they can engage a right mix of digital marketing by on page optimization of their website, social media and off page optimization such as through blogs and articles.

So let’s discuss on how to optimize the corporate website of an SME to attract top resources

The website contains lot of links in the header section in the homepage of which a very crucial part is the “Career” section. Most of the times the organizations use it to just post job openings which does not incite too much interest in the minds of a talented professional because of lack of information about the company’s outlook towards its employees and vice versa.

Hence companies should publish some crucial information such as

· About the Organization on the Perspective of Employee Engagement

· Benefits of Joining

· Vertical Wise Career Opportunities

· Meet Our People

· Spirit of the Company

· Work Environment

· Business Ethics

· Equal Opportunities

· Sustainability

· Campus & Internships

· Information About Hiring Process

· Tips & Guides on Enhancing Resumes

· Interview Tips

· Fraud Awareness

· FAQ’s

· Employee Video Testimonials

· Employee Events & Stories

· Awards & Recognition

· Work Life Balance

It’s always a great option if the contents can be shared in social media platforms. Another important aspect is that the website should be mobile friendly so that all the information can be easily viewed and consistently accessed in all mobile browsers.

It has been observed that about 80% of job seekers agree that company’s job-site plays the key role in motivating and inspiring them to apply for a job. And recent studies do substantiate the claim further. Research shows that a whopping 90% of job seekers are likely to apply for a job if the company actively manages its employer brand on digital platform.

Once the website is armed with sufficient information aiding the prospective employees, the next logical step will be to optimize the image of the company in the social media platforms.

Linkedin is a good tool in that aspect. The SMEs should motivate their existing employees and top management people to create their profiles in Linkedin and share informative posts and promote company events. Linkedin is also a good place to post information related to job vacancies

The Company should also be having a Facebook page and should use it as a branding platform with related engaging contents so that it gives a insight to the visitors about how the company and its people work.

Social media platforms are the most popular channels for job seekers these days and there has been a major shift observed in how people go ahead with their job search. 60% of the job seekers in India use social networking sites to look for jobs, study reveals.


Ultimately it all boils down to understanding how and why candidates are looking for jobs and then delivering the right content to engage them, otherwise, the recruiter would be missing a tremendous opportunity to build a pipeline of great talent and set themselves apart from competitors.

Recruitment marketing is definitely a multi-faceted process, and employers that are trying to find high-quality hires need their recruitment teams and tools to perform many different functions. Organizations have to look at existing processes and strategies and decide whether recruiters, marketers or a newly created partnership between talent acquisition and marketing will create the best results. Today’s most successful recruiters adapt to evolving job seeker behavior and to the more consumer-friendly platform.