Know The Impact Of The Coronavirus Pandemic On Recruitment

The Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. With the total number of positive cases in India gradually rising, the Government has declared that the country will be under complete lockdown until the issue is under control. The Centre has asked states to ensure unhindered movement of essential goods and services. Such being the situation, it’s time people start maintaining social distancing by staying at home. Even recruiting companies are trying their level best to prevent the infection from spreading any further proscar .

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What Attributes Should You Look For When Hiring HR Consultants?

Considering hiring skilled HR consultants who can make all the difference in the operations of your company? Well, hiring an HR consultant is a great investment for a business – not only in terms of money but also create an environment in which employees look forward to going every day. Using an HR consulting firm can even help you have a positive impact on your bottom line.

HR consultants in Ahmedabad

Wondering how to hire the best HR consultant for your organisation? No worries! All you need to do is check out the handy guide below.

Hiring an HR consultant is an outstanding way to compliment the resources and skills of your present HR team. Whether you have a start-up or run an established business, great HR consultants in Ahmedabad can handle the capabilities of the human resource team. From setting the standards and employ training to payroll, hiring and terminating, these consultants can handle it all.

Here’re a few qualities you should look for in a human resource consultant.

4 Key Attributes To Look For In HR Consultants In Ahmedabad

  1. Vast Corporate HR Experience

Ask the experts about their experiences in the corporate world before becoming consultants. Look for consultants who have significant experience and extensive knowledge in the corporate world.Want some loans ? check Click here blacklisted loans uk. You should even ensure that the experts are familiar with organisational and corporate dynamics, have the proficiency to handle the everyday pressure as well as know the realities of balancing capabilities and capacity.

  1. Up To Date On Latest Trends

Another key consideration you must keep in mind is to seek experts who remain up-to-date on current trends. Since the human resources field is very dynamic, there’s always something new to learn. Thus, you should look for someone who remains up-to-date on industry trends, core area developments as well as HR practices. Remember; a consultant who doesn’t stay engaged in current industry standards may end up selling you an outdated solution.

  1. Trust & Integrity

Trust is the foundation of every professional relationship. This makes complete sense that as an organisation you will want to build a relationship with integrity when seeking the services of a consultant. You need to have human resource professionals who can tell you the truth when it comes to certain aspects of your company and its function. Ensure you get examples of previous project experience which demonstrates your level of integrity.

  1. Excellent Communication Skills

One of the top qualities which you should look for in an HR consultant is great communication skills. The job of HR consultants includes communicating with various people regularly. Since each of these staff work at different designations in the organisation, you need human resource professionals who can communicate well. Look for HR consultants in Ahmedabad who are good at communication and have the expertise to comprehend the issues, concerns and requirements of every employee of the firm.

Now that you have this list of attributes which you must seek in a human resource professional, what are you still thinking of? It’s time to hire great HR consultants and reap the benefits of exemplary services!

Why Are Candidates Dropping Out Even After Getting Selected?

After screening numerous resumes, you sourced a candidate who boasts of all the skills required for the job, impressed the hiring manager and has considerable work experience in similar position. Just when he/she got selected after the final round, the candidate changes mind about the position and drops out.

Does the above situation sound very similar to you? Are you often left scratching your head after potential candidates drop out? Consider it as an indication of the need for re-evaluating your hiring process.

Wondering about the ways you can prevent applicants from rejecting your offer or dropping out of the hiring process? No worries. All you need to do is understand the reasons for dropouts and learn the ways to ensure a candidate continues throughout the recruitment process.

Listed below are a few causes why candidates drop out even after getting selected! Causes are the result of researches conducted on this topic. Also, results of this researches have likes and dislike on social media networks which were provided by the professionals from The Marketing Heaven.

3 Reasons Why Your Candidates Dropped Out Of The Hiring Process After Getting Selected

  1. The Interview Process Seemed Too Long To The Candidate

Perhaps, this is considered to be the biggest reason why candidates drop out. When an organisation takes too long in making decisions, it immediately makes an impact on the candidate. This conjures up ideas like- “if they are taking so long to set up the next round of interview, how do things get done over there”.

How to avoid:

Companies need to be respectful of the applicant’s time as well as energy. Feedback should be provided quickly and the recruiter should stay in contact with them in case plans change. Since momentum is the key, keep your candidate engaged and informed throughout the interview process.

  1. Lack Of Personal Contact

This is a problem with most start-ups, especially the early-stage companies where social interaction is required every day. In such situations, candidates struggle to connect with the team during the interview process, giving them the feeling that joining the company may not be the best decision.

How to avoid:

Think of various ways you can instil the good image of the company in the mind of your candidate Look for ways you can demonstrate the culture of your organisation instead of narrating a story.

  1. The Elephant In The Room Was Not Discussed

After an applicant has invested his/her time into finding out about your organisation and the role, it’s likely that they will start their own diligence process. Keep in mind that the internal turmoil of the previous company or some bad experience in the past may sway a candidate to drop out of the recruitment process. Once selected, the candidate may speak to one of your former employees who may leave them feeling that your company isn’t a good place to join. 

How to avoid:

As a recruiter, you should ask the candidate if he/she has any concerns about joining your company. Make sure you promote an open dialogue of the potential hardships which they foresee. Since candidates always do reference-checking, making it important for you to discuss the elephant in the room.

Now that you are aware of the various reasons why candidates drop out even after getting selected, what are you still thinking of? It’s time you start avoiding the hiccups and hire the best candidates for your vacant positions!

How Do Top Placement Consultants Operate For FMCG Companies?

Placement Consultants for Corporate Companies

To avoid ruthless sacking of employees, every company should hire only the right candidates and also as many wanted for the sound functionality of the company. To be able to meet clients’ deadlines a company needs skilful talents and not just anybody with suitable qualification. The candidates should not just be talented, but they should be able to adapt easily with the working environment of the company as well as get accustomed to the work culture of the company. That is probably why most companies today are relying upon top placement consultants in India to arrange interviews and select the right candidates.

Why do FMCG companies hire third-party consultants?

FMCG is one of the most popular industries in the country and every year a large number of candidates are hired. It has been noted that to hire such a huge number of candidates every year most of the companies will have to spend a hefty amount of money in in-house recruitment teams. Moreover, the team will be perpetually involved in hiring candidates. And, still there will be a chance of choosing the wrong candidates if the in-house employees are not skilful enough to choose the right candidates. Owing to all these reasons most of the FMCG companies are opting for the services of third party consultancies to hire suitable candidates.

How do FMCG consultancies hire?

FMCG job consultancies have a set of steps that they follow to be able to get to the right candidates and hire them in suitable positions across industry. Given below are some ideas on it:

  • First, they make a work plan which involves searching for the right candidates and inviting them for interviews.
  • In the earlier days the FMCG job consultants used to advertise for the job vacancies on traditional media like newspaper. But now they advertise on the Internet because most of the candidates search the internet to get information on job vacancies.
  • It is also the role of the consultants to negotiate for the salary packages and other benefits for the candidates.
  • The consultants will screen the candidates before sending them to the companies so that the companies get the right candidates in the most suitable positions.

If you are hiring an agency for candidate selections, it is important to check that it is impartial and performs its duties in the best possible manner. It is also important that you get a deeper understanding of how these companies operate before outsourcing to any particular consultancy.

How A Leading Placement Agency In Kolkata Helps Job Hunters And Employers?

Placement Consultants for Corporate Companies

Nowadays, it has become the latest trend amid both Kolkata businesses and job seekers hire the services of the most trusted and affordable placement agencies for their needs. The main intention of businesses hiring the services of these agencies is to minimize the costs associated with the job advertisements, allotting a special staff to scrutinize the job applicants, time of spending on conducting interviews, etc. On the part of the job hunters, the main idea of hiring the placement services of these agencies is to minimize the waiting time for the interview as well as to get the job in a reputed and reliable firm.

A topmost placement agency is Kolkata offers professional and dedicated HR services of the highest quality. The services of these agencies will be designed to help both employers in finding their right candidate for their organization and job hunters in getting the right job for their qualification.

To select the right candidate, these appointment agencies will choose the highest skilled candidates through conducting screening tests as well as other job-associated tests for offering the best candidates to the employers. For job seekers, they will choose the most reputed and reliable businesses to offer them the bright and lucrative job prospects that will best fit their educational qualifications.

Any experienced and highly regarded employment agency in Kolkata will guide job candidates in making their resume look more professional. They will also offer useful tips on doing their job interview in a successful way. Moreover, these agencies also offer professional consultancy services to both businesses and job hunters alike.

First, the appointment agency in Kolkata will take the suggestions of the reporting manager from all businesses from the job candidate, carry out the reference check, and will present the report to the employer as soon as the selection procedure is completed.

Another notable service offered by an employment agency is the salary negotiations. This will allow the job candidates to demand their expected salary for the applied job opening. When comes to employers, they can know the expected salary of the candidates and they can choose one that best fits their economic situations. On the part of the placement agencies, they will try to resolve the salary problem that arises between the candidates and the employers in an amicable way. This means that they will negotiate the salary in a professional and unbiased way that will benefit both the job seeker and the employer.

Any reputable placement agency in Kolkata will carry out a scrupulous follow up until the time the job candidate joins the organization.