Artificial Intelligence – A Blessing For Recruiting Agencies

If you think that artificial intelligence is all about robots running around and taking care of your odd jobs, it’s high time you debunk the myth. According to a survey conducted recently, artificial intelligence has nowadays become a recruiting trend globally. For someone not aware of the term, artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to have intelligence like a human being and is specially programmed to learn various tasks using data.

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AI has changed the way how candidates are being hired. They play a very vital role in our society and their importance is expected to enhance even further within the next few years. Numerous recruiting agencies have started using it to change the way how recruitment is being handled. Its impact on the recruitment process has made the task of HR consultants easier. As better data is available, they can perform the tasks better. Search more at

Make The Task Less Tiring

Everyone in the recruitment industry will agree with the fact that recruiting employees is not as easy as it looks. Recruiters have to deal with hundreds of applications and resumes on a daily basis. AI can automate the administrative tasks on behalf of the hiring teams and also generate insights. They can even read the resumes and pick the most qualified candidates among so many. This help HR consultants save both time and money. The chatbot is a specially designed computer program which can respond to all the queries of the candidates.

Top 10 Benefits Of Using Artificial Intelligence During Recruitment

  • Save time
  • Choose the best candidates
  • Stay away from human bias
  • Save money
  • Source the right candidates
  • Screen candidates
  • Nurture candidates
  • Engage candidates
  • Schedule candidates
  • Interview candidates

AI And Recruiters

The primary benefit of using Artificial Intelligence for recruitment is that they won’t be replacing the recruiters or HR consultants anytime soon. There are a few people in the recruitment industry who think that AI is so intelligent and advanced than humans will start losing their jobs. This is nothing more than a myth which people need to debunk. Though AI can automate the recruitment tasks, the importance of experienced and renowned recruitment agencies can never be ignored. The primary task of AI is to ease the recruitment process so that HR consultants can focus on the larger and complex issues. They can help an organisation move forward by crafting effective recruitment strategies and building candidate relationships. Even the interview process requires some emotional and personal engagement with the candidates. This can be done only by an HR and not AI.

5 Vital Tasks Undertaken By HR Consultants

  • Establish relationships with candidates
  • Assess the potential of candidates beyond their credentials
  • Gauge the interpersonal skills of candidates
  • Determine whether a candidate can fit in the work culture
  • Convince potential candidates to attend interviews

Though AI has become a blessing for the recruitment industry, the importance of experienced and trained recruiters or HR consultants can never be ignored.

Outsource Your HR Tasks and Help Your Clients Achieve Success

One of the main reasons why companies should focus on their HR department is because it helps their clients achieve success easily and early. It is one of the departments which look after the vital aspect of brand positioning. If you want to position your organisation as a leader but your HR department is not strong enough, just outsource your HR tasks.

Not every business owner is aware of the fact that promoting their company the right way to potential investors, prospects, clients and the general public is an integral part of their strategy. The first thing they need to do is talk with the HR executive and ask them what steps they are undertaking to promote their company to potential clients. With the advancement in technology, it has become mandatory for them to use the latest tools.

Outsource Your HR Tasks and Help Your Clients Achieve Success

What Is Customer-Focused Process?

Though companies are keener to implement new strategies, they struggle to line up their funds and assets in a new direction. This is primarily because they fail to execute the strategies in the right way. This is precisely where hiring HR consultants can be a wise decision. They are the right professionals who can recalibrate your company strategically. They know how an organisation can deliver value to its stakeholders and customers. The primary processes should be executed in such a way so that they can create products and services in a unique way before delivering those to their customers.

How to Adjust the Processes?

A resource can generate the greatest value if they are used for processes which are visible to customers. Business owners should first assess the largest areas of their enterprise before budgeting their resources if they want to generate the highest return. If the HR department in your company is not strong enough, take the aid of HR outsourcing consulting services. They will assess the approach minutely and adjust the process if they feel that the preferences of your customers have changed, competitors have crafted a better process or your customers are being ignored.

Involve Your Clients in Your Strategies

A good business strategy is the one which starts with your clients – both present and future. You need to understand that they are fickle and can change their mind if they come across something better. You can expand your market share if customer-focused processes are adjusted to the customer. Listen to your customer’s needs, analyse what you heard and tune your products and services in such a way so that they can suit the changing needs of your customers. This is how outsourcing your HR tasks and following a customer-focused process can help your clients achieve success.

5 Latest Recruitment Trends Recruiters Must Implement In 2019

Do you wish to increase the number of qualified candidates in your company’s talent pipeline? Planning to improve your recruiting strategy for attracting skilled candidates? But, are you perplexed about how to set yourself apart from competitors? Well, expert HR consultants in Ahmedabad advise you to take advantage of the newest recruitment trends. 

5 Latest Recruitment Trends Recruiters Must Implement In 2019

Currently, the job market is 90% candidate-driven. Recruiters are struggling to attract qualified candidates from the large pool of unskilled applications for filling their open job positions. Gone are the days when traditional recruiting strategies were enough since organisations today face tough competition to attract competent candidates. Owing to technological advancements, start-ups are now competing with MNCs for the same talent. Moreover, digital disruptive technologies are gradually changing the way the recruitment exercise is approached by HR.

Here’re the latest trends which recruiters need to take advantage of!

From The Best HR Consultants In Ahmedabad: New Recruiting Trends You Must Use To Attract Top Talent

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one recruitment trend which everyone loves. Gradually taking a foothold in the recruitment process, AI is the secret workhorse of every good talent and acquisition manager now. This new technology will take care of your usual repetitive tasks like searching for candidates, CV screening, etc. AI technologies like Chatbots even help you respond to the questions of different candidates.

  1. Social Media Recruitment

In the current job market, searching as well as recruiting candidates through social media is rapidly increasing. Even though finding eligible candidates by using social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter aren’t new, the disruptive force of change is forcing most job searches to various social media sites. Moreover, with the features of these sites improving constantly, social media sites find it to be the better place to find talented candidates.

  1. Big Data Analysis

Most talent acquisition managers believe that data analysis is driving the new recruitment trends which impact on how companies appoint new talent. Though the concept of utilising data for talent acquisition isn’t new, the increased volume of data being churned out by businesses makes it a very valuable tool for recruiters. Considered as the new superpower of recruiters, data provides insights which help to recruit managers to make informed decisions. Currently, managers are using data for making strategic decisions.

  1. Recruiting Software & Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

More and more recruiters are now turning to recruit software so that they can increase the efficiency of their recruiting process. Almost 70% of recruiting companies are currently using some kind of applicant tracking systems. When it comes to talent acquisition, there are numerous benefits for the ubiquity of this software. ATS helps in documenting employee records and the related recruitment history and activity.

  1. Video Interviews

No matter whether you are an MNC or a start-up, you can easily tap on the talent pool worldwide. Thanks to the technological advancements, geographical distances are no longer a boundary for hiring top talent. Teleconferencing is one of the newest advancements which has enabled and encouraged telecommuting.  A majority of companies are even turning to video interviews for face-to-face interviews- the first round of screening candidates.

Time to put your innovative gears on for hiring top talent!

Key Reasons Why Branding is So Important for a Small Business

One of the things that most people don’t understand is the importance that branding has for a small business that is trying to grow. Branding can be described as the invisible cord between a business and its customers, and there can be no denying the significant role that it plays as far as encouraging the growth of a business. To understand the true importance of branding, let us consider KFC, and we all know what “Finger-lickin’ good’ or ‘So good’ brings to our mind whenever we hear those phrases. Branding, of course, can be achieved through a combination of taglines, names, designs or symbols. If you need help with branding for your business, you should not hesitate to approach the leading manpower consultancy in Kolkata to enlist their help. But before getting into that, let us first understand why branding is so important to a small business.

Key Reasons Why Branding is So Important for a Small Business

Understanding the Importance of Branding to a Small Business

  • Improved Recognition

In today’s market, one thing that you can be sure of is that there is never going to be a dearth in competition for your business. In this race, you always have to make sure that you have given yourself the best opportunity to inch your way ahead. One of the best ways to do this is through an active branding campaign. What you must aim to do is to make the brand of your product to stand out from the competition. If you do this successfully, you will see that consumers are better able to recognise your products and will tend to prefer them over others.

  • Create Trust

Another important purpose of branding is that it helps you to create a level of trust for your products in the minds of the consumers. Things work at a subconscious level, but when a person continues to see that tagline, or that particular logo for some time, a reliability factor seems to develop. The last thing that a manpower consultancy in Kolkata would suggest you do is to stop the branding campaign before it has run its course, as that might not fetch you the results that you are looking for. For example, consider the impact seeing a pack of Parle-G has to a customer as opposed to seeing a pack of biscuits of a different brand, and we all know how long Parle-G has featured the photo of that young girl on their wrappers. The takeaway from this branding campaign is that they did not give up halfway through and astonishingly, are continuing with it.

  • Inspires Employees

This time, looking inside the company rather than outside, you will see that creating a proper brand for your business will even help you inspire your employees. Everyone knows how important it is to work towards something, as opposed to working continuously for an end that one is not aware of. If you feel that your employees are not putting in as much effort as they should, the leading manpower consultancy in Kolkata will suggest that you start a branding campaign for your business. The results will be there for all to see, and this is another reason why branding is such an important matter.

Now that you know what the true reach of branding is, you should not waste a moment to put the information into action. An interesting note to end is that Parle-G was certified by a Nielsen survey to be the best-selling biscuit brand in 2011, which is a true testament to what proper branding can help you achieve.

How To Conduct Effective One-On-One Meetings With Employees?

Do you wish to improve communication with your staff? But, do you shy away from one-on-one meetings as you don’t know how to have difficult conversations with your staff or how to structure them? Well, conducting such meetings is important to ensure your employees are productive, happy and feel supported.

Wondering how to make the meetings more collaborative and productive? Read on.

When your employees hear that the planned one-on-one meeting needs to be rescheduled again, chances are that they will either be relieved, angered or frustrated. If they feel relieved, you are missing a great opportunity to discover what exactly the employee is hiding. If they’re angered, it means that you are sending the message that the workforce isn’t worth your attention. And, if they are frustrated, it’s because they genuinely need your assistance to do their work.

Effective One-On-One Meetings With Employees

Here’re a few useful tips to assist you in conducting an effective one-on-one meeting.

From Top HR Consultants In Ahmedabad: 4 Tips To Conduct Effective One-On-One Meetings With Impact

  1. Get The Meeting On The Calendar

One of the foremost factors to consider when organising one-on-one meetings with employees is to make such sessions a priority. Postponing or routinely cancelling your employee meeting can send out the message that your employees are not important to you. So, you must select those days of the week when you are generally in the office. Set your meetings at times of the day where it is less likely to conflict with other events.

  1. Prepare An Agenda Beforehand

It is always advisable to have an agenda beforehand. A standing meeting plan will be appropriate because the purpose of such meetings usually remains the same. Ensure your agenda includes topics like-

  • Get an update of employees on the status of your projects and goals
  • Determine if additional support and assistance is required by employees
  • Provide feedback to employees on their performance

Since it’s a one-to-one meeting, the employee should definitely have input into what the session should be used for. Having an agenda will help you ensure that your workforce stays focused during the meeting.

  1. Celebrate Achievements

Skilled HR consultants in Ahmedabad believe that this is another key factor to keep in mind. Ensure you celebrate and acknowledge everything which the employee has been successful in implementing or creating. You should let them know that you admire and value their achievements. When employees find managers appreciating their work, they feel encouraged to perform better. Too often managers proceed to the next assignment or project without even pausing to celebrate what their employee has done.

  1. Ask Good Questions

Employees will know that you are listening and fully engaged when you ask challenging and appropriate questions. Never interrogate your employees. Ensure you ask the right questions which will help you understand the situation and give you the chance to acknowledge good decisions. Asking the right questions will also help you take actions and assist them in identifying what they require for more planning. 

So what are you still waiting for? Keep the above advice in mind and start planning for an effective one-to-one meeting!