Building an MSME Talent Acquisition Strategy: Things to Know

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Talent acquisition refers to the recruitment of skilled individuals in a job position. It is not merely about filling in vacancies. The right kind of recruitment can contribute greatly to the overall growth and function of an organization.

Look for Proper Resources:

For medium to small-range enterprises, finding the right candidate for a position can be highly challenging. Many lack the proper resources and professionals who can find a perfect candidate that matches their requirements. For this reason, most of these companies rely on outsourcing talent acquisition officers.

Strategies for Talent Acquisition in MSMEs:

When it comes to talent acquisition for MSME units, it is important to establish a clear strategy. We discuss the focal elements in building the strategy in the following section.

  • Search in the Right Areas: The key takeaway in finding the perfect candidate is to search in the right place. The professionals invest time and resources in finding a niche or a specialized industry. This helps in picking up the right candidates who can be a good match for the company and the position.


  • Talk About the Growth Opportunities: In the current job market, candidates are more interested in applying for companies that give them better growth opportunities. They primarily focus on the autonomy, responsibility and impact provided by the job. So, it would be a great idea for an MSME company to highlight the learning and development opportunities provided by them.


  • Building a Brand Identity and Personality: To attract top talent, a company should showcase itself highly. They should point out the unique qualities of an employer. A talent acquisition professional should bring out the characteristics that make the company better than others. They could easily highlight their vision, work culture and employee treatment.


  • Creating an Employee Referral Program: Employees are the most valuable asset for any company. It becomes more important for medium and small-scale companies. The employees are the best advocates for the company and could spread the word to others. They know the exact employee that the organization is looking for. There is a better chance that they would bring the right candidates to the table and make the recruitment process easier.

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